Oficios Asociados (Associated Crafts) is an Argentinian team devoted, on the one hand, to furniture design and production, and to architecture on the other, both under the intervention of minimal processes.

The materials used in these processes are wood and steel. Products are developed taking into account the raw materials’ natural properties as well as making rational use of available productive means. The studio’s work is about assembling with minimum gestures; the objects designed therefore are honest, and coherent with the materials’ aesthetic expression.

We understand productive processes as an interrelation between elements and stages that have equal decisive value. Each object or architectural work we create is thought as a (more or less complex) structure, the components of which individually define the concept behind the product. From our perspective, details define the work’s purpose, but the work cannot be reduced merely to one of its details. As a result of this, the houses we develop share the same aesthetic resources and gestures as the furniture and objects inhabiting them.

Oficios Asociados was born out of a friendship among architects, blacksmiths and carpenters. While we rest on a solid productive structure, we are committed on taking on new challenges. We can craft objects as small as a lamp and deliver results as complex as systems of industrialized low cost housing.

We are OOAA: Architect Manuel Nesta, Lic. Santiago Vaca Guzmán y Architect Esteban Rodriguez.